Frequently Asked Questions

  • What suture material should I use with the SILS™ Stitch instrument?

    "The SILS™ Stitch instrument was designed to be compatible with all of the current Endo Stitch™ reloads or Single-Use Loading Units (SULUs), which include V-loc™, Surgidac™ Polysorb™, Sofsilk™ and Bralon™ sutures.

  • When I used the articulating needle drivers, I noticed that it became more difficult to suture with the angled instrument. Should I anticipate a similar challenge with the SILS™ Stitch instrument?

    The SILS™ Stitch instrument is the only automated articulating endoscopic suturing instrument. The device was developed to simplify suturing in the most challenging conditions of laparoscopic surgery, including SILS™ procedures. The product has been evaluated clinically in order to validate the product’s utility as an automated device. The device enables intracorporeal and extracorporeal suturing and knottying, whether the jaws of the instrument are in the articulated or the straight position.

  • When I tried the new articulating instrument, it felt like the shaft lacked sufficient strength during articulation. Does that put the SILS™ Stitch instrument at a mechanical disadvantage compared to straight-shaft instruments?

    No. Though the SILS™ Stitch instrument may have some deflection of its distal tip, the tip has been shown to withstand sufficient force for laparoscopic suturing and knot-tying.

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