Frequently Asked Questions

  • What sizes are available?

    LPG1510 - 15 x 10 cm
    LPG1510AR - 15 x 10 cm, Right Anatomical
    LPG1510AL - 15 x 10 cm, Left Anatomical
    LPG1510X2 - 15 x 10 cm, Bilateral
    LPG1510AK2 - 15 x 10 cm, Bilateral Anatomical

  • Do I need to hydrate the mesh?

    Yes, the mesh needs to be hydrated for a few seconds in a sterile saline solution before use.

  • Can the mesh be cut?

    The mesh can be re-cut to size provided a sufficient overlap is kept on all sides of the defect. If the mesh is re-cut, the use of additional fixation has to be considered depending on size and type of hernia and patient's condition.

  • Are tacks or sutures necessary to anchor the mesh?

    No, but if the mesh is re-cut the use of additional fixation has to be considered.

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