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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does the RapidVac™ smoke evacuator deal with the two standard voltages?
    There are two RapidVac™ part numbers, one for each voltage. SE3690 for 110 V and SE3695 for 220 V.
  • What is the rated decibel level of the RapidVac™ smoke evacuator?
    The maximum decibel level in turbo mode is 57.0 dB.
  • What are the physical dimensions of the RapidVac™ smoke evacuator?
    14” wide x 17” deep x 8” high. It weighs 20 lbs.
  • What is the interlink cable, and how does it connect?
    The interlink cable enables the synchronization of the RapidVac™ smoke evacuator to a Medtronic energy-based device's generator. The cable directly connects the RapidVac™ smoke evacuator to a Valleylab™ FT10, Valleylab™ FX8, and other Medtronic electrosurgical generators. One end of the cable connects to the outlet on the back of the RapidVac™ smoke evacuator and the other connects to the EKG blanking port on the generator. Once connected, the user must activate the RapidVac™+ mode by pressing the button on the front of the RapidVac™ smoke evacuator. This will ensure that when then ES pencil is activated on the generator the RapidVac™ smoke evacuator will activate to clear the smoke
  • What is the remote switch activator or RSA?
    For competitive generators and legacy Covidien electrosurgical generators, a remote switch activator may be necessary to enable synchronization with the RapidVac™ smoke evacuator.
  • With the interlink cable connected to a Valleylab™ FT10 or Valleylab™ FX8 energy platform, does the RapidVac™ smoke evacuator recognize Cut, Coag and Valleylab™ mode from a Force TriVerse™ electrosurgical device?
  • Can you describe turbo mode, and how you activate it?
    Pressing the turbo button increases the maximum suction by 15 percent.
  • What is RapidVac™+ mode? What is it for?
    RapidVac™+ mode should be activated when the interlink cable or the RSA is correctly connected. Doing so enables synchronization of the RapidVac™ with the generator.
  • Can the software on RapidVac™ smoke evacuator be updated?
  • If so, how is the RapidVac™ software updated?
    When a software update is available, the service organization will actually do the software update either on-site or at Covidien Service Centers, entirely at the discretion of the Covidien Energy-based Device Service team.
  • Where are the power settings, and can you describe what the various power settings mean?
    The power settings are located on the left side of the control panel and are understood by looking at the lights that are illuminated during use. The LED goes from 0 to 100 percent power in five increments of 20 percent each. Each light represents a 20 percent increase from the previous light until maximum “standard” power is reached. Activating the turbo button above that light panel increases output by an additional 15 percent.
  • How do I know how much filter life is remaining?
    The filter life indicator provides a visual indication of the status of the life of the filter in use. Each illuminated LED represents five hours of remaining time on the 25-hour filter.
  • What is the wrench indicator?
    The motor powering the RapidVac™ smoke evacuator has two motor brushes that require regular maintenance every 500 hours. When the smoke evacuator has been in use for 500 hours, the service-required indicator illuminates. Replace the motor brushes as directed in motor brush replacement on pages 4-7 of the User’s Guide. After brush replacement, reset the system by simultaneously depressing the up and down arrow air flow controls until the service required indicator turns off.
  • How do I know if the RapidVac™ smoke evacuator has failed its power-up self-test and that it needs service?
    The red LED located at the wrench icon will blink
  • How is the filter removed and installed?
    To remove the filter, depress the beige button at the top on the front of the RapidVac™ smoke evacuator. This releases the filter and enables easy removal. Pull it straight out.
  • Is there a footswitch? And if so, how is it installed?
    Yes. There is a footswitch, which is available separately. There is a connecting port at the front control panel. The footswitch cable connects to the port.
  • When using RapidVac™+ mode and an interlink cable, what is the priority? Does the footswitch or pencil activation govern?
    The priority goes to the pencil activation. The footswitch is secondary.
  • Electrosurgical generators that synchronize with the RapidVac™ system?
    RapidVac™ smoke evacuator works with the Valleylab™ FT10, Valleylab™ FX8, and other Medtronic electrosurgical generators. Optional accessories are available to enable other electrosurgical generators to synchronize with the RapidVac™ system.

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