Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a preferred angle to position the Appose™ single use skin stapler against the skin before firing the instrument?
    The Appose™ skin stapler is designed to be fired from multiple angles. It has an ejector spring that automatically disengages the staple to facilitate instrument removal in any direction.
  • How can incomplete staple formation be avoided?
    The flat, dimpled staple top span is designed to ensure proper staple formation. To use the skin stapler properly, squeeze the trigger completely and release, do NOT pull or lift up on the stapler when releasing the trigger. Failure to completely squeeze the handle can result in incomplete staple formation and insufficient wound approximation.
  • What size staple is included in the Appose™ single use skin stapler?
    The Appose™ single use skin staplers line has two different size staples: regular and wide. In the closed position, the regular staple has a width/crown of 5.88 mm and leg length of 4.1 mm; the wide staple has a width/crown of 6.5 mm and leg length of 4.1 mm.
  • How many staple remover units are packaged per box?

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