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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many times can I fire and reload the instrument?

    DST Series™ GIA™ staplers can be reloaded 7 times for a total of 8 firings. The stapler is initially packed with a loaded and ready-to-fire cartridge.

  • What sizes are available?

    • GIA™ 60 mm: 2.5, 3.8, 4.8

    • GIA™ 60 mm (Knifeless): 3.8

    • GIA™ 80 mm: 3.8, 4.8

    • GIA™ 100 mm: 3.8, 4.8

  • Does Directional Staple Technology cause necrosis?

    30 years of clinical data support a "B" shaped staple. The Directional Staple Technology still delivers a B shaped staple, just does so more consistently and reliably, particularly in thicker tissue applications.

  • Are the staples made of titanium?

    DST Series™ GIA™ staplers fire titanium staples.

  • Do you have any clinical studies to support your claims?

    We have the data to support the claims we are currently making about Directional Staple Technology, and, more specific claims will be made on studies that are being conducted at prestigious institutions.

  • Do the DST Series™ GIA™ staplers have Tissue Gap Control?

    Tissue Gap Control is a stapling innovation belonging only to Medtronic. The DST Series™ GIA™ staplers incorporate new innovations that go above and beyond tissue gap control to provide hemostasis and reduce deflection. Specifically, the increased strength of the beam used in the DST Series™ GIA™ staplers combined with Directional Staple Technology allow for proper staple formation even in challenging applications.

  • How does Directional Staple Technology work?

    During surgery, surgeons may encounter applications that may challenge traditional surgical staplers. Directional Staple Technology was designed to deliver improved clinical performance in these challenging situations. The technology incorporates two components: the use of NEW staple wire that bends more consistently and reliably in the plane that it is supposed to; and a redesigned anvil geometry that provides a large target area for the staple to form. The outcome that you see when you fire a NEW DST Series™ TA™ or GIA™ Stapler is more consistent and reliable staple formation.

  • Is there latex in the product?

    No. DST Series™ GIA™ is latex-free.

  • Why doesn't the DST Series™ GIA™ stapler have an alignment pin?

    The DST Series™ GIA™ stapler is the first of its kind to offer atraumatic placement of the instrument on tissue by eliminating the need for an alignment pin. The combination of the increased beam strength and Directional Staple Technology make this possible.

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