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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What sizes are available for the DST Series™ stapler?

    The new DST™ Series TA™ is available in 90, 60, 45, & 30 mm lengths with both 3.5 mm and 4.8 mm cartridges. The 30 mm is also available in a 3 row 2.5 mm vascular version.

  • How many times can I fire and reload the instrument?

    DST Series TA™ staplers can be reloaded 7 times for a total of 8 firings. The stapler is initially packed with a loaded and ready-to-fire cartridge.

  • Are the staples made of titanium?

    DST Series™ TA™ staplers fire titanium staples.

  • Is there latex in the product?

    DST Series™ TA™ staplers are latex-free.

  • Can different size staples be fired from the same instrument?

    Yes, the 90, 60, 45,and 30 mm can all be fired with either a 3.5 mm or 4.8 mm staple cartridge. The 30v can only be used with a 2.5 mm staple cartridge

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