Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I tell if the blade is exposed?
    The "Shield-On" indicator means the blade is not exposed. The "Shield-off" indicator means that the blade is exposed.
  • Does this trocar have a lock?
    Pressure from the palm of the hand during insertion serves as a "lock" to reveal the blade during insertion through the peritoneum. You will hear an audible click as the blade is revealed.
  • How is it supposed to feel as it is inserted?
    Once through peritoneum, you should feel a change in tension and can remove pressure from your palm.
  • What sizes does this trocar come in?
  • What is the difference between the Versaport™ Plus V² and Versaport™ Plus RPF systems?
    The differences are in the obturators. The cannula's and seal housings are essentially the same. RPF has a pyramidal blade and conventional safety shield, where as the V² has a V-shaped blade and parabolic-shaped safety shield.

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