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  • What's the difference between Surgipro™ sutures and Surgipro™ II sutures?

    Surgipro™ II sutures have a modified strand formulation that increases its durability. Both Surgipro™ and Surgipro™ II sutures feature NuCoat™ needle coating to give the needle sustained sharpness.

  • Are Surgipro™ II sutures available in all sizes?

    Surgipro™ II sutures are available in sizes 3-0 through 8-0.

  • Do Surgipro™ II sutures have flat-packs?

    Yes, Surgipro™ II sutures are packaged in a variety of sizes in flat-packs.

  • How do I know if a Surgipro™ II suture code is in a flat-pack?

    Consult the catalog to be sure. In most instances, if the code has a "M" (ex. VP745MX), it is packaged as a flat-pack.

  • What is the corresponding suture in the Ethicon portfolio?


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