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  • Are Ti-Cron™ sutures different from Surgidac™ sutures?

    Yes, Ti-Cron™ and Surgidac™ sutures are both polyester sutures. However, Ti-Cron™ sutures are coated with Silicone while Surgidac™ sutures are not. It is this Silicone coating that gives Ti-Cron™ its supple feel.

  • I used to get Surgidac™ sutures but Ti-Cron™ sutures have shown up in its place. Why?

    To maximize our suture offering to our customers, we have undergone an extensive suture integration. Surgidac™ has been integrated to Ti-Cron™ suture because of the clinical advantages that the Ti-Cron™ product offers.

  • Are Surgidac™ sutures still available?

    Uncoated Surgidac™ sutures are still available for use in ophthalmic surgery.

  • What is the corresponding suture in the Ethicon portfolio?

    Ethibond Excel™*

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