Update your Capnostream™ 35 Portable Respiratory Monitor

The latest software release for the Capnostream™ 35 portable respiratory monitor includes connectivity to WPA2 Enterprise, a security protocol for wireless network encryption and authentication.

If your facility already uses WPA2 Enterprise, we recommend that you upgrade the software on your Capnostream™ 35 monitors. Please note, this software upgrade does not alter the essential performance of the Capnostream™ 35 portable respiratory monitor as a capnography system.

This software upgrade is available to customers who have purchased the Capnostream™ 35 portable respiratory monitor in countries with market authorization to update the software from version to version

Download & Install the Capnostream™ 35 Monitor Software Update

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Download & Install Directly

Download and install the software update on your unit(s) yourself following the on-screen prompts.

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Automatically get the latest software version installed at no charge when you return your unit(s) for regular factory service.

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Contact your Medtronic representative to request in-person assistance with the software update at your facility.