Update your RespArray™ patient monitor

This is an optional software update V01.02.00.00 for the RespArray™ patient monitor, an extension off the existing V1.12 software. This update enhances the nurse call function by supporting both “Pulse” and “Continuous” call signal types. Customers can choose either “Pulse,” a single signal sent to the nurse call system when the monitor alarms, or “Continuous,” where the nurse call system will continuously be sent a signal as long as the monitor is alarming. The update aims to enhance customer convenience without compromising patient safety.

While the update is optional, we highly recommend customers, especially those who prefer using the continuous nurse call signal type, to install V01.02.00.00 for optimal performance with the RespArray™ patient monitor. The following table summarizes the updated, major nurse call function settings:

Nurse Call Settings Options Default
Signal Type Continuous, Pulse Continuous
Trigger Mode Normally Open, Normally Closed Normally Open
Alarm Trigger Level High Only, High & Medium, ALL High Only
Alarm Type Physiological Alarm Only, Technical Alarm Only, Physiological and Technical Physiological Alarm Only


Download and Install the RespArray™ Patient Monitor v01.02.00.00 Software Update

Options to update your software

Option 1 

Download and Install Directly

Download and install the software update on your unit(s) yourself following the on-screen prompts.

 Option 2

Get Regular Factory Service

Automatically get the latest software version installed at no charge when you return your unit(s) for regular factory service.

 Option 3

Get Field Service

Contact your Medtronic representative to request in-person assistance with the software update at your facility.