Enhancements in RespArray™ Patient Monitor Software Update V01.03.01.02

We’re thrilled to introduce an optional software update for the RespArray™ patient monitor. Version V01.03.01.02 brings several significant improvements:

Default “Measure Mode” Setting:

  • The update establishes the “Measure Mode” as the default setting. Now, whenever you use the RespArray™ monitor, it will automatically start in the “Measure Mode.”
  • Specifically, this enhancement addresses the annual calibration countdown. The timer will no longer start or count down without a connected filter line. However, this change does not impact the hours-of-operation-based calibration timer. 

Refined Alarm Reset Function:

  • By default, the Alarm Reset Switch is turned off. 
  • Activating the alarm reset switch allows users to access the reset function. 
  • When the alarm reset switch is deactivated, the alarm reset button appears grayed out and unresponsive on the front panel. If pressed, a message will display: “the alarm reset function is closed down.” This message will automatically dismiss after 5 seconds or can be closed sooner with user confirmation. 
  • Switching on the alarm reset function triggers a prompt confirming that the alarm reset is available. 

Improved Wireless Monitoring:

  • Custom Wi-Fi settings are now preserved following future software updates (except for the Connection Method, which defaults to wired). 

While the decision to apply this update is entirely at your discretion, we strongly recommend it to ensure optimal performance, especially for users relying on wireless functionality.

Download and Install the RespArray™ Patient Monitor v01.03.01.02 Software Update

Options to update your software

Option 1 

Download and Install Directly

Download and install the software update on your unit(s) yourself following the on-screen prompts.

 Option 2

Get Regular Factory Service

Automatically get the latest software version installed at no charge when you return your unit(s) for regular factory service.

 Option 3

Get Field Service

Contact your Medtronic representative to request in-person assistance with the software update at your facility.