Subacute Care

Remote Respiratory Monitoring

Whether in hospitals or temporary treatment facilities, you’re seeing an influx of patients who may not be critical, but need continuous respiratory status monitoring. You need a solution to help you manage these patients and assess if interventions need to be made. The Vital Sync™ remote respiratory monitoring system can be quickly implemented in your facility to remotely connect you to patients’ SpO2, respiratory rate, pulse rate, and etCO2.

  • Option to escalate surveillance with etCO2 monitoring of higher risk patients and those showing an increased work of breathing
  • Integrated pulmonary index (IPI) algorithm provides an early warning by combining four real-time respiratory measurements into a single, simple value
  • Workflow optimization options including ADT (admit, discharge, transfer), EMR connectivity, alarm management, and more

Now, instead of going from bed to bed to spot check patients, you can get data delivered to you in one place —  and minimize your exposure.

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