Life-supporting ventilators that come with a new level of support

Hospitals must ensure each ventilator is ready to provide the life-supporting care their patients need. That’s why maintaining this critical care equipment to support optimal performance is crucial.

But we understand that strained biomed resources and downtime for ventilators without Medtronic service coverage may impact your workflow efficiency and your ability to uphold maintenance regimens.

Read more to find out how our ventilation service solutions can preserve the performance of your Puritan Bennett™ 980 ventilators, keep downtime to a minimum, and contribute to patient safety.

We are committed to supporting patient safety − and you. Find out how.


Are your biomed resources strained? Here are 3 possible reasons.

Proper ventilator maintenance protocol promotes optimal ventilator performance. But the amount of time, people, and resources needed to maintain and repair them is in short supply for some healthcare facilities. Perhaps you’re facing the same scenario at your hospital when you consider the following: 

Maintenance and servicing procedures are intended to preserve the performance of ventilators over time. However, performance variability can exist within the same model of ventilators due to variability in servicing practices. This suggests the urgent need to improve the lifetime quality control of these devices.3

Addressing the complexity of ventilator maintenance doesn’t have to be difficult. Let us help with our service programs, including preventive maintenance coverage, for your Puritan Bennett™ 980 ventilators.

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How to cut down your ventilator repair time and PO processing costs 

When ventilators go down, patient safety is on the line. Extended downtime associated with servicing non-covered hospital equipment can be partly due to the extra time and steps it takes to process purchase orders.

  • Generating the PO, including review and approval, can take approximately 4 days from receipt of request in hospital purchasing.
  • Administrative costs associated with a purchase order can average up to $1,000, based on industry4.
  • With a Medtronic service plan, a PO is not required when requesting a field service engineer (labor and travel) or to obtain the applicable service part or maintenance kit (depending on coverage level)

Don’t let a lengthy purchase order process create longer than expected downtime for your ventilators or add unnecessary costs for your hospital. With our ventilation service solutions, you can reduce your servicing wait time for Puritan Bennett™ 980 ventilators and bring measurable cost savings to the purchase order process.

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