From reactive to proactive: the necessity of disruptive technologies in healthcare

BioButton Wearable Device in use by healthcare professionals, in office and hospital settings, with patients.

In an era defined by digital innovation and technological disruption, the speed with which we can access and respond to information has transformed our world beyond imagination. From controlling home appliances through smartphones to leveraging virtual assistants, technology has seamlessly woven itself into the fabric of our daily lives.

While industries across the board have harnessed this digital revolution, the healthcare sector has lagged behind in fully embracing these advancements.

There is an imperative need for digital transformation in healthcare. Explore the ways remote monitoring and connectivity technology integrated seamlessly within your hospital system can lead the charge with innovative solutions that reshape patient care.

Necessity of disruptive technologies in healthcare

The digital revolution's profound impact on everyday life underscores the need for healthcare to follow suit. However, despite integrating AI and machine learning into our daily tools, care providers still find themselves burdened with many manual administrative tasks.

Digital innovations in patient monitoring are being leveraged as tools to help free up healthcare providers to focus on doing what they do best: providing personalized patient care and communication.

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Vital Sync Virtual Patient Monitoring Platform. Capnostream 35 Portable Respiratory Monitor PM35MN with Microstream etCO2 and Nellcor SpO2, shown in the background.

Ensuring patient wellbeing even when clinicians aren't in the room

Remote monitoring systems and wearable technology act as first line safeguards, allowing continuous patient monitoring, so clinicians are able to know their patient's status from anywhere.

Equipped with near real-time cloud computing and AI algorithms, this emerging technology:

  • Connects patient data to web-enabled platforms and EMR systems, offering consistent monitoring of key indicators of early patient decline & leveraging additional biometric data to offer insight into a patient's overall trending status.
  • Consolidates data into meaningful notifications for clinicians to identify and intervene early in a patient's condition, a feat previously challenging outside of intensive care units.
  • Allows patients to be monitored from home or as they go about their daily lives, unlocking new possibilities for patient care across diverse settings.

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Shaping the future of healthcare with digital transformation

The pivotal shift toward digital healthcare transformation redefines patient care from reactive to proactive. Rather than relying on alarms and threshold alerts, AI works quietly behind the scenes, offering valuable insights and trends that clinical teams can consider in their treatment plans.

Discover how healthcare institutions like yours are leveraging remote monitoring technologies for more precise, preemptive interventions that can impact patient outcomes.

Watch: Ardent Health Services CMO F.J. Campbell, MD, discusses how the BioButton®* multi-parameter wearable delivers actionable patient trend information to their clinical staff, including the leading indicator of patient deterioration.


Empowering patients and healthcare professionals

The journey toward digital transformation in healthcare is far-reaching, reshaping patient care dynamics for the better.

Our web-enabled remote monitoring and connectivity solutions are helping drive this transformation. As thought leaders, we are always considering how products can evolve to propel the shift from reactive to proactive patient care.

Medtronic is your trusted partner in remote monitoring solutions, empowering you and your healthcare system to embrace and leverage new and necessary technologies.

Together, we can build a future where technology and care seamlessly intertwine, enabling more efficient monitoring and early interventions that help promote patient safety and healthier outcomes.

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†The BioButton® multi-parameter wearable device is not intended for critical care monitoring.

Patient monitoring technologies should not be used as the sole basis for diagnosis or therapy and are intended only as adjuncts to patient assessment.

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