Partnership Furthers Education, Support for Medical-Surgical Nurses with Respiratory-Depressed Patients

Earlier this year, Medtronic joined together with The Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses (AMSN) in partnership to further support the professional community of medical-surgical nurses — the largest specialty in nursing. The collaboration aims to provide further education, awareness, and advocacy as well as other areas of opportunity in support of medical-surgical nurses and their care delivery to patients.

The following blog provides insight into the partnership with Medtronic from the AMSN lens.

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Partnering to support medical-surgical nurses in their care delivery to patients

AMSN is a vibrant community of more than 13,000 medical-surgical nurses aiming to improve patient care. Within this dynamic association, AMSN focuses on personal and professional development, advocacy, and enhancing connections with others equally as focused on compassion and commitment of their care delivery.

AMSN also supports the Certified Medical-Surgical Registered Nurse (CMSRN), which has more than 40,000 global certificants. The mission focuses on supporting medical-surgical nurses committed to quality patient care through professional development, certification, scholarship and advocacy. Our strategic goals align with our mission — placing enhanced focus on workplace advocacy; evidence-based practice, research and knowledge; professional development; national leadership and influence; and organizational health.

With the recent partnership between AMSN and Medtronic we’ve aligned our collective visions and missions to benefit one another — especially our members and the patients that are provided care. Together we help support medical-surgical nurses who are tasked with managing patient safety and care more than ever.

Already in the course of our partnership this year, we have delivered valuable education to our members, impacting their ability to better care for their patients, many of whom are more acutely ill due to the pandemic.

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Helping medical-surgical nurses with the right tools to face increased demands

Medical-surgical nurses are seeing increased acuity and increased patient loads, yet they often do not have access to enough resources or equipment in critical care units to fully support all patient needs.

Part of our collaboration with Medtronic revolves around increased awareness and competence regarding remote continuous respiratory monitoring. Distributing the results of the Medtronic-sponsored global PRODIGY study which includes a risk assessment tool that stratifies the risk of respiratory depression in opioid-treated patients, helps enable our members with new information  and tools.

Because medical-surgical nurses may not always have access to equipment to monitor all their patients, the PRODIGY  risk assessment tool helps them identify patients most at risk for opioid-induced respiratory depression. This is just one example of how our partnership is enabling access to better care delivery resources and tools.

Arming our members with the knowledge and tools needed to be successful in their practice is important, which is why we look to the future — with our continued partnership — to further assist our members in their professional practice.

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