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Answer a few questions to help determine whether a specialised consultation could help your patient.


Assess Spasticity is a questionnaire consisting of ten questions that may help identify potential candidates for a screening test or whether patients would benefit from a specialised consultation where spasticity can be further evaluated. Recommendations are based on best practices1 and expert guidance2,3. Although the recommendations are the result of a careful and scientifically validated approach, they still reflect recommendations and should not be interpreted as a 'gold standard' for any given patient. The programme should be viewed as a 'professional mirror' to compare your own decisions with the best practices and expert guidance. The programme is meant to assist you in forming your medical judgment but should not interfere with your independent diagnosis and treatment decision. The indicated programme recommendation for a given patient should not preclude a final decision to be made by you or a competent medical team in a specialised centre for spasticity therapy, as to whether the therapy should be recommended or not. 

The use of Intrathecal Drug Delivery for spasticity is not for everyone. Not everyone will receive the same results.

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