Response Care

Response Care

Looking after yourself is the most important part of post-surgery care. After you have recovered from implant surgery, post-implant device check-ups will help you return back to your life as usual.

You should continue to see your heart doctor for overall treatment and management of your condition. He or she will monitor your heart medications and assess any health changes or symptoms that you may be experiencing. In addition, your doctor may decide to send you to a consultant who specializes in working with patients who have implanted heart devices.  These consultants will perform a detailed device check-up when necessary.  

A device check-up may include one or more of the following:

  • Evaluate the battery status of the device
  • Check the leads to determine how they are working with the device and your heart
  • Review the information saved by your heart device
  • Adjust the heart device settings, if necessary, to provide the best treatments for heart condition

Regular device check-up will ensure that your device is working well for you.

Medtronic strives to provide the best possible follow-up care through Response Care by adopting the best global practices. Response Care provides post implant patient care services through its network of certified technical consultants and/or the CareLink Network. These specialized services that are focused on optimizing care are available at nominal charges. The program has been designed to provide high quality patient care which meets global standards. Patients can opt for these services depending on their devices and pay through convenient available modes. We have adopted best global practices to deliver the highest quality of standardized services in order to optimize the performance of your device. These services are available to patients who have received Medtronic/ Vitatron implantable devices upon the advice of their physicians.

The experienced patient services group at Response Care is available to answer any questions or concerns you may have about your heart device.

In addition to in-clinic check-ups with your doctor, you may choose to have your device checked through Remote Monitoring from the comfort of your home.

The Medtronic CareLink Network will give you a new sense of freedom through remote monitoring of your Medtronic implantable heart device. CareLink monitoring allows you to send your device information to your doctor. Your doctor can then review your device information on a secure internet website.

Today, nearly 300,000 people around the world benefit from Medtronic home monitoring and have gained more:

  • Freedom - With CareLink monitoring you are free to live a fuller life. You may not have to travel to the clinic as often for heart device follow up appointments;
  • Convenience - The CareLink monitor is easy to use. With the simple, one-touch monitor, you can transmit device information. If you have an implanted heart device with Conexus Automatic Monitoring, your information may be sent automatically while you sleep; and
  • Peace of Mind - Patients who use CareLink monitoring report a sense of reassurance knowing their doctor has access to important information about their heart health.

Ask your doctor if Medtronic CareLink Network is available and would be right for you.