Medtronic Care Management Services

Providing telehealth and remote patient monitoring solutions designed to keep your patients engaged in their self-care at home.

InterVIEW® mobile platform for patient engagement

Explore our user-friendly mobile platform for remote patient monitoring.

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Care management services for early intervention insights

Strengthen your clinical decision-making with more than 20 disease management programs, clinical decision support technology, and patient outreach services.


Patient engagement solutions for daily health checks

User-friendly platforms designed to provide an optimal experience for your patients to routinely share their health information.

This will play a video - Two clinicians discuss something important on a computer screen.

Data analytics and reporting for better outcomes

Get near real-time data analytics and insights into your patient’s health, helping you make the right decision for your patient to improve their health outcomes.
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Unlocking the potential of digital health

3 tips to accelerate your transformation.

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