Midas Rex Institute for Hands-On Training

Education and Training

The Midas Rex® Institute offers hands-on workshops where you can develop advanced dissection skills using advanced instrumentation. Each course provides interactive skill-building exercises in bone removal techniques and high-speed motors, as well as a thorough exploration in handling biometals, bioceramics, and bioplastics.

Since 1976, more than 26,000 medical professionals have trained at the Midas Rex Institute. Most workshops are held at our main facility in Fort Worth, Texas. However, we also offer additional workshops in conjunction with major meetings, such as the Congress of Neurological Surgeons, American Association of Neurological Surgeons, and Association of Operating Room Nurses. One-day combination courses are also available in association with the St. Louis University Practical Anatomy Workshops.

For more information, call the Midas Rex Institute at (800) 643-2773.