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Cardioblate Gemini

Irrigated RF Surgical Ablation System

Cardioblate Gemini Irrigated RF Surgical Ablation System

Access, flexibility, precision, and consistent conduction block.


Flexibility That Stands Alone

The Medtronic Cardioblate® Gemini® Surgical Ablation System combines the efficacy of irrigated bipolar RF energy with your choice of bipolar designs to create a true endoscopic ablation device for stand-alone procedures. With two bipolar device choices available, the Cardioblate Gemini Surgical Ablation System gives you the choice of lateral or vertical approaches to ablating cardiac tissue.

Two Models – Twice the Flexibility

The Gemini-x model features:

  • A greater jaw curve that allows for a “top down” or “bottom-up” vertical port access approach
  • The jaw design accommodates varying degrees of tissue thickness

The Gemini-s model features:

  • A moderate curve designed to facilitate a lateral port access approach. The Gemini-s is the only device available with lateral access.
  • The jaw design accommodates varying degrees of tissue thickness.

Both models are designed to give surgeons outstanding flexibility and control, and each features a new jaw design to accommodate tissue of varying thickness.

Designed for Minimally Invasive Approaches

The Medtronic Cardioblate Gemini Surgical Ablation System:

  • Permits more options in port placement
  • Fits through port-sized incisions
  • Allows for gently pulling the device into place around delicate structures
  • Features a flexible neck that allows for an easier procedure

Guides Ease Positioning

  • Guides create pathways for Gemini device to follow, which aids in jaw placement
  • QuickConnect guide-jaw system allows fast and easy connection of the guides to the device
  • A connection is created for ease in guiding the device jaws
  • The guide and jaws snap apart easily when the procedure is completed

Ease and Control in One Hand

  • Handle is designed for the surgeon to have complete control in starting and stopping RF delivery
  • Handle is designed for one-handed control
  • Red RF Trigger Lock prevents unintentional delivery of RF energy when jaws are open
  • Squeezing the handle closes the device jaws, which allows the RF trigger to be safely engaged to delivery ablation energy

Important Safety Information

Possible complications related to the ablation of cardiac tissue in combination with open heart surgery are: tissue perforation, extension of extracorporeal bypass, perioperative heart rhythm disturbances (atrial and/or ventricular), postoperative embolic complications, pericardial effusion or tamponade, injury to the great vessels, valve leaflet damage, conductions disturbances (SA/AV node), acute ischemic myocardial event and thrombus formation.

This product may not be available in your region. Please contact your Medtronic representative to determine availability in your area.