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Resolute Onyx

Drug-Eluting Stent

Expanding PCI Treatment Options for your Patients

Resolute Onyx™ DES is an advanced coronary stent that expands treatment options for complex cases.

Product Details

4.5- and 5.0-mm stent sizes

For extra-large vessels including left main

  • Maintained structural strength
  • Minimum foreshortening 

2.0-mm stent sizes

For extra-small vessels and tight lesions:

  • Lowest crossing profile
  • 3.25-m MSID for tapered vessels 

Core Wire Technology 

 For complex cases: 

  • Exceptional deliverability
  • Enhanced radiopacity
  • Greater conformability and flexibility
  • Adaptability in bifurcations  

4.5- and 5.0-mm sizes — ideally suited for left main and large vessels

  • Maintained structural strength1
  • Minimum foreshortening1

2.0-mm stent sizes — designed for extra-small vessels and tight lesions

  • Lowest crossing profile3
  • 3.25-mm MSID for tapered vessels

Resolute Onyx™ DES incorporates a platinum iridium core with 2.6x density of cobalt shell, for improved radiopacity 

  1. Resolute Onyx™ DES 2.0 X 26mm 
Continuous Sinusoid Technology

Core Wire Technology 

for optimal treatment of complex cases, including coronary bifurcations

  • Exceptional deliverability3
  • Enhanced radiopacity1 and no compromise to radial or longitudinal strength
  • Greater conformability and flexibility2

Adaptability in coronary bifurcations

  • Open cell design expands for large-vessel sidebranch access1
  • Excellent flexibility and conformability contribute to superior strut appostition2
stents resolute-onyx sidebranch cell size

Resolute Onyx DES Open Cell Expansion Diameter

The Resolute Onyx DES cell can be expanded for side branch access.

 synergy des sidebranch cell size

Synergy DES

4.0 mm x 20 mm

DES  4.0 mm x 18 mm

Xience Xpedition DES Closed Cell Expansion Diameter

The Xience Expedition DES closed cell expands to a smaller diameter than Resolute Onyx DES.

Core Wire Technology is an evolution of Continuous Sinusoid Technology — and only Resolute Onyx DES has it

Continuous Sinusoid Technology

Flexible stent platform for outstanding flexibility and conformability

Sinusoid- formed wire

helical wrap


Core Wire Technology

Thinner struts with enhanced stent visibility for accurate stent placement

  1. Cobalt alloy shell
  2. Platimun iridium core
Diagram of Resolute Onyx

The most deliverable DES3—  for complex cases





Ready to learn more?

BioLinx™ biocompatible polymer — specifically designed for drug-eluting stents 

  • Same proven durable polymer as Resolute Integrity DES, with excellent safety as demonstrated in the Global RESOLUTE Clinical Program5
  • BIO-RESORT6 and TRANSFORM OCT7 showed no benefit of bioabsorbable polymer DES over durable polymer DES  

A well-balanced delivery system1

  • Greater flexibility
  • A lower crossing profile
  • PowerTrac™ Technology enabling exceptional deliverability
  • Lubricated hydrophilic coating for reduced drag
  • Resilient hypotube for high shaft column strength
  • Enhanced balloon material improves nonminimal pressure and balloon compliance
  • Reduced catheter profile under the stent enables lower crossing profiles
  • Platinum iridium markers for reduces crossing profile 
A well balanced delivery system

Product Specifications


Based on bench test data. May not be indicative of clinical performance.


Third-party modeling and analysis. Data may not be indicative of clinical performance.


Based on bench test data vs. Promus Premier™* DES, Synergy™* II DES, Xience Xpedition™* DES, Xience Alpine™* DES, BioMatrix NeoFlex™* DES, Orsiro™* DES, Ultimaster™* DES, and Resolute Integrity™ DES. Bench test data on file at Medtronic. These tests and models may not be indicative of clinical performance.


Compared with 3.0 mm x 18 mm Resolute Integrity™ DES in benchtop testing. Data on file at Medtronic. May not be indicative of clinical performance.


Yeh et al. 5-year safety and efficacy of Resolute zotarolimus-eluting stent, JACC Cardiovascular Interventions. 2017;10:247–254.


Von Birgelen et al. Data presented at TCT 2016. Study not powered for stent thrombosis.


Guagliumi et al. Data presented at PCR 2016. Investigator-initiated study not funded by Medtronic.