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Joint Replacement Surgical Navigation

Joint Replacement Surgical Navigation


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Software Modules

Software Modules for Joint Replacement Surgical Navigation

StealthStation® S7® Imageless Total Knee Replacement Software

  • Optical imageless navigation for total knee replacement
  • Compatible with a variety of implant manufacturers
  • Cut alignment – femur and tibia cuts
  • Femoral varus/valgus, flexion, and rotation – Control femoral rotation relative to epicondylar axis, Whiteside’s line, and posterior condyles simultaneously
  • Tibial varus/valgus and posterior slope – Align AP direction of tibia to femur (femur AP axis) or by using bone landmarks ensuring correct tibial varus and posterior slope
  • Real-time data on full leg alignment displaying flexion/extension, varus/valgus, and internal/external rotation of tibia relative to the femur