Perfusion Insider Summer 2016

Medtronic Launches Affinity™ CP Centrifugal Blood Pump in Brazil

In November, Medtronic launched the Affinity™ CP Centrifugal Blood Pump (AP40) to the Brazilian market, where it was successfully used in two cardiac surgeries at hospitals in Sao Paolo. The Affinity CP pump is a 40cc low prime centrifugal pump whose smooth cone and low-profile fins gently handle blood, resulting in low hemolysis.

Dr. Luis Roberto Dallan was the first to use the pump in Brazil during a procedure performed at the Instituto do Curacao (InCor). The second use of the pump in Brazil, performed by Dra. Magaly Arrais Dos Santos, took place at the Dante Pazzanese Instituto de Cardiology. Both cases went well and both surgeons and perfusionists were pleased.

To prepare for the cases and first product usage, Medtronic hosted an educational in-service for the surgical teams. This included a brief product presentation and a wet lab, during which participants observed how fluid moved from the CVR via the centrifugal pump head and into the  oxygenator, and how it was pumped to a reservoir that acted as a surrogate patient. Since the participants were familiar with centrifugal pumping, Medtronic also compared and contrasted the new Affinity CP pump, with its lower 40cc prime, to the older 80cc prime pump.

“We demonstrated the beauty of centrifugal pumping using pre-load and after-load changes with both devices,” said Jim Beavers, CCP, LP, Medtronic Clinical Support. “We also demonstrated how the Affinity CP pump has less prime, less surface area, higher flows, and lower RPMs. Everyone understood the pump’s gentle blood handling properties.”

The day after the in-service demonstration, the pump was used clinically in the two cases mentioned above. The perfusionists had no problem incorporating the pump into their circuits. Both cases went well, and the perfusionists liked the device. “Each perfusionist compared the AP40 to the centrifugal pump they’ve been using,” noted Beavers. “They had no trouble priming it and found it easy to use. They observed that it had more inertia with more power to give flow to the blood at lower RPM, which they understood probably translates to less hemolysis. As a result, they felt it was a safe system.


Affinity™ CP Centrifugal Blood Pump is used for the first time in Brazil at the Instituto do Curacao (InCor), Sao Paolo.

“The perfusion groups build their own circuits all the time and they were excited to have something new to use,” Beavers explained. “They were enthusiastic about doing something they considered cutting edge.”

Medtronic is committed to collaborating with perfusionists, and other extracorporeal clinicians, to deliver innovation into their ever-expanding portfolio catalog of cardiopulmonary perfusion and blood management solutions. For more information about the Affinity CP Centrifugal Blood Pump, contact your Medtronic representative.