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Hi, I’m from Istanbul, Turkey. I used to study Biomedical Engineering until deciding to change to Management Engineering. Currently, I hold a bachelor’s degree in Management Engineering from Bahcesehir University.
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Why did you join Medtronic?

During my academic career, I did a marketing internship in the FMCG sector which helped me a lot to gain key competencies in digital marketing strategy. 

At the end of my previous internship, I had a chance to join Medtronic as an Indirect Commercial intern for Surgical innovations and Diabetes. I valued and gained information on the company structure and the required process from the sales and marketing perspective.

What is your current position and what do you do?

Currently, I work for one of the Indirect County, Jordan, as a Sales Representative for RMS and Diabetes Portfolio. As a beginner, I’m still on my product and quality process training while assisting with the HCP training. 

What do you like the most about your job?

I love spending my time with my manager and colleagues. Whenever we see each other, every time I learn something new and develop myself with the guidance they give. 

The mobility of my job is always keeping me motivated and pushes my limits of adaptation to new environments. The challenges I face regarding my new position are sometimes we need to work even on weekends for doctors the consolidations might be time-consuming. However, some product training takes too much time to complete and understand the assignments; all the experiences are efficient and beneficial for a new beginner with the supporting tools via cornerstone. 

I feel lucky in my new position through the warm approach of my co-workers and the ability of Medtronic to adjust surgical solutions to patients globally.

Why would you recommend working at Medtronic?

As a student, you need to make time for the internship and university at the same time. 

Medtronic respects your time and gives enough flexibility when needed. Additionally, all employees and managers are well educated. Regarding their kindness, they are easy to communicate with or ask any type of question you might face. You can gain more information and help to develop your early career. 

Overall, good network and enjoyable working environment while being productive.

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