Conversation 2: Value of Image Guidance and Benefits beyond the operating theater

Go beyond the operating theatre with this enlightening discussion with Dr. Boštjan Lanišnik and Medtronic International Medical Affairs Director, Dr. Agnieszka Strzembosz, as they discuss the benefits of Image Guidance and beyond the operating theater with in-depths conversation around image guidance with awake patients and local anesthesia.

Dr. Boštjan Lanišnik, MD, PhD is Chair and Assistant Professor in the Department of Otolaryngology at the University Medical Center in Maribor Slovenia.

Dr. Lanišnik is actively involved in teaching medical students and otorhinolaryngology/ENT trainees, leading global rhinology and skull base courses, and has delivered lectures around the world on the adoption of technology in ENT and Skull Based Surgery. 

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Value of image guidance

Chapter 3: Teaching and building competence with image guidance

Chapter 4: Image guidance, awake patients and local anesthesia

Chapter 5: Powered instruments, awake patients and local anesthesia

Chapter 6: Advice to surgeons new to image guidance

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