Accelerating care pathways

IHS Pathway Accelerator 

A comprehensive solution for an array of disease states and procedures.

Our comprehensive and integrated solution helps providers implement, run, and sustain care pathways that are evidence-based, best-practice-informed, and patient-centric. Capitalizing on hundreds of projects across a broad array of medical conditions, our proven approach can quickly transform your pathway and deliver sustainable results.

What we do

  • Diagnose bottlenecks based on benchmarks and library of best practices, analyses and observations 
  • Optimize pathways using a value-based approach and help embed them in daily practice
  • Enable digital transformation



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Transformation based on a ready-to-go toolkit 





Digital pathway      accelerator playbook 

Follows a proven approach & framework based on years of experience and a solid track record of accounts, tailored to your pathway and situation.  





IHS experts & lean management 

Supports the project and keeps hospital teams connected through the change.  





Get Ready®
digital solution

Enables remote management and digital engagement of patients across the entire care pathway, from procedure preparation to follow-up. 





Centers of excellence network 

Provides opportunities to tap into others’ transformation experience to enable benchmarking, collaboration, and coaching. 




Our Pathway Accelerator solution 





Leverages our ever-growing knowledge base of pathway-specific best practices, as well as  learnings from our robust network of key opinion leaders (KOLs) across a wide spectrum of therapies. 






Uses road-tested methods and tools that are pathway-specific where needed to  enable fast, cost-effective transformation. 




Integrates full change management support to ensure a successful transformation. 





Drives clinical team engagement and alignment through a value-based lens that focuses on optimizing outcomes while balancing resources and cost. 

An approach that brings a variety of benefits  

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For the hospital: 
  • Better resource utilization
  • Greater cost-efficiency and capacity
  • Reduced waitlists
  • Standardized diagnostic and treatment pathways that reduce risk and variance
  • Improved reputation and greater patient satisfaction
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For patients: 
  • Faster access to care and treatment
  • Reduced length of stay
  • Reduced risk through standardized pathways
  • More informed preparation for procedures
  • Improved quality of care 
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For the physician and care team:
  • More time to manage patients
  • Ability to focus on value-added activities
  • Transparency through a standardized pathway and greater insights through data
  • Ability to benchmark to other centers’ performance and underpinning practices 


Examples of our pathway-related projects 

  • Care Pathway Optimisation: Deep Brain Stimulation in Parkinson's Disease
  • Pathway Development - Cryptogenic Stroke
  • Stroke Pathway Optimisation
  • Cryoballoon Ablation Pathway Optimisation 
  • Optimising the Cryoablation Process
  • Optimising the Cardiothoracic Pathway
  • Pathway Development - Syncope
  • TAVI Pathway Optimisation
  • Bariatric Pathway Optimisation



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Pathway optimization projects conducted the past 4 years across EMEA



Medical conditions where Medtronic has presence with its therapies







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A reputation built on results 

 Medical University Centre Mannheim main building.

The bariatric care pathway went remote in just 4 weeks at Medical University Centre Mannheim

The bariatric department needed to find a way to quickly reduce in-person consultations to reduce during the COVID-19 crisis, so IHS implemented a fully operational, remote bariatric pathway in just four weeks.

A close up image of three surgeons operating.

Moving vaginal hysterectomies (VH) to day surgery – it takes teamwork

The Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust enlisted IHS to help create a playbook that could be rolled out across NHS England to replicate a successful and sustainable day surgery pathway. 

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Increasing daily TAVI capacity through an improved pathway at St. Antonius

Within eight months of our partnership, the hospital increased the total number of TAVI procedures by 24% without adding resources or capacity. 

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