Coronary catheters Healthcare Professionals

Aspiration catheters 

Export Advance aspiration catheter

Export Advance aspiration catheter image on gray background
The Export Advance™ aspiration catheter delivers consistent, high-performing aspiration power when it matters most. Product Details

Export AP aspiration catheter

Export AP aspiration catheter image on blue background
The Export™ AP aspiration catheter with Full-Wall technology has a soft, forward-facing tip for particle capture. Product Details

Guide catheters

Launcher Guide catheter

Launcher guide catheter image on light blue background
Launcher™ guide catheters offer a blend of flexibility, support, and visualization for today’s percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI). Product Details

Guide Extension catheter

Telescope GEC

Telescope guide extension catheter image on blue background
Telescope™ guide extension catheter features our TruFlex™ soft polymer tip and SmoothPass technology to help channel interventional devices. Product Details