Prevail™ Paclitaxel Coated PTCA Balloon Catheter

Understand why the Medtronic paclitaxel coated PTCA balloon is an effective treatment option for in-stent restenosis, de novo lesions, and small vessels. 

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Right Case Right Time Prevail™

Watch an animation to see why Prevail™ drug-coated balloon offers the performance you want for treating complex lesions during percutaneous coronary interventions.1 

Right Case Right Time Prevail™

Prevail™ drug-coated balloon offers the performance you want for treating complex lesions during percutaneous coronary interventions.1 


Product details

Device performance

Superior Deliverability2

PowerTrac technology and hydrophilic coating enable superior deliverability

  1. Ultra-slim balloon material for optimised folds
  2. Low profile marker bands
  3. Tapered tip
  4. Lower crossing profile
  5. PowerTrac™ technology and hydrophilic coating
  6. Compatible with 5 F guide catheter

Drug coating


Proven  Freepac Coating5

FreePac coating combines two proven components that work together:

  • Paclitaxel — potent antirestenotic drug that remains within tissue throughout the healing process6
  • Urea — biocompatible excipient that enables rapid and reliable drug transfer within 30–60 seconds1,3

Clinical Evidence

Building Clinical Evidence

The PREVAIL™ Study adds to the clinical legacy of the IN.PACT™ Falcon Clinical Program. 

IN.Pact™ Falcon Clinical Program

  • IN.PACT™ Falcon DCB with FreePac coating
  • 10 trials
  • > 1,400 patients

Excellent results with Prevail™ Study†5

  • Includes complex lesions
  • 54.7% ISR
  • 75% small vessel in de novo lesions


Ordering Information

  Balloon Length (mm)
Balloon Diameter (mm) 10 15 20 25 30
2.0 PRV020010RX  PRV020015RX PRV020020RX   PRV020025RX  PRV020030RX
2.25 PRV022510RX  PRV022515RX   PRV022520RX PRV022525RX  — 
2.50  PRV025010RX  PRV025015RX  PRV025020RX  PRV025025RX  PRV025030RX
2.75  PRV027510RX  PRV027515RX  PRV027520RX  PRV027525RX  —
3.0  PRV030010RX  PRV030015RX  PRV030020RX  PRV030025RX PRV030030RX 
3.5  PRV035010RX  PRV035015RX  PRV035020RX  PRV035025RX  PRV035030RX
4.0  PRV040010RX  PRV040015RX PRV040020RX  PRV040025RX   PRV040030RX


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 IN.PACT™ Falcon DCB and Prevail™ DCB use the same FreePac™ coating. PREVAIL Study did not have powered endpoints.



Prevail Instructions for Use.


Compared with IN.PACT Falcon DCB, SeQuent®* Please NEO DCB*, Agent™* DCB, and MagicTouch™* DCB. Deliverability defined as pushability. Based on bench test data, 2020. Bench test data may not be indicative of clinical performance.


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Latib A, et al. PREVAIL Study 12-month results. Results presented at PCR 2020.


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Cremers B, Clever Y, Schaffner S, et al. Treatment of coronary in-stent restenosis with a novel paclitaxel urea coated balloon. Minerva Cardioangiol. October 2010;58(5):583-8.