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Advanced Workhorse Guidewire


For Challenging Workhorse Cases

Trust your intuition. Intuition™ stainless steel coronary guidewires with Accu-Core technology provide torque and crossability for challenging percutaneous coronary interventions (PCIs). With a tactile feel and rounded body and tip, they also feature:

  • 1 gram tip stiffness
  • 3 cm radiopacity
  • Femoral markers located 90 cm and 100 cm from the distal tip
  • Your choice of Hydro-Track™ coating (hydrophilic) or Pro/Pel™ coating (silicone)
  • 180 cm and 300 cm lengths
  • DOC-compatible proximal ends on 180 cm wires

Product Details

  • Tip style: Core-to-tip
  • Outer coating: Hydro-track or Pro/Pel
Intuition advanced workhorse guidewire with Accu-Core Technology tip style and outer coating
Illustration showing tip stiffness and support of Intuition guidewire


Ordering Information*

Product Product Code Length (cm) Coating Tip
Intuition™ Guidewire    INTU180HS 180 Hydro-Track Straight tip
INTU180SS 180 Pro/Pel Straight tip
INTU300HS 300 Hydro-Track Straight tip
INTU300SS 300 Pro/Pel Straight tip

All guidewires are 0.014-in. wires and 180-cm wires compatible.