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Pediatric Oxygenators

Affinity Pixie™ Oxygenation System

Affinity Pixie Oxygenator
The Affinity Pixie oxygenation system delivers performance and versatility for neonates, infants, and small children requiring cardiopulmonary bypass at flow rates up to 2.0 L/min. Product Details

Pediatric Arterial Filters

Affinity Pixie™ Arterial Filter

Affinity Pixie Arterial Filter
A pediatric arterial filter for your most magical patients, the Affinity Pixie™ arterial filter features ease of prime and effective air handling and filtration. Product Details

Pediatric Cannulae

Pediatric Extracorporeal Circuit

Pediatric Extracorporeal Circuit
Pediatric cannulae used to provide the interface between the patient and the extracorporeal circuit. Product Details

Pediatric Cardioplegia Circuit

Cardioplegia Circuit

Pediatric cannulae used to facilitate adequate myocardial protection to the heart.


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Pediatric Suction and Support Products

Pediatric Suction and Support Products
Suction devices in smaller sizes to clear the field of debris and accessory products that help to facilitate surgeries through ease of use. Product Details


Medivators Haemoconcentrators

BP-50 Bio-Pump placeholder

Medtronic is pleased to be a distributor of Medivators®* Hemocor®* Haemoconcentrators for adult and paediatric patients requiring haemoconcentration.


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Blood management and diagnostics

AutoLog IQ™ Autotransfusion system

autoLog IQ System

The autoLog IQ™ autotransfusion system is an intelligent, easy and adaptable autotransfusion system that delivers a consistently high-quality blood product automatically.

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