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autoLog IQ™ 

Autotransfusion System

Sophisticated, effective, dynamic processing system that has simplicity of operation to recover high-quality blood fast.


autoLog IQ™ featuring innovative technology in autotransfusion

Since the introduction of the first autotransfusion device in 1985, Medtronic is working to create a fully interactive system for widespread surgical and trauma applications as part of an effort to help manage patients’ hemostasis and minimize blood loss during and after surgery.

With the worldwide release of the autoLog IQ™ system on the market in September 2018, Medtronic launched an innovative and smart blood processing device performing a dynamic cell salvage as the trusted standard for cell salvage procedure.

As a key player in perfusion product portfolio the autoLog IQ™ autotransfusion system is offering a complete data management solution with the functional integration through the Quantum perfusion systems workstation.

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The autoLog IQ™ autotransfusion system is an intelligent, easy and adaptable device that delivers a consistently high-quality blood product automatically.

Using Dynamic Cell Salvage technology with algorithm-driven Intelligent Blood Sensing, the autoLog IQ™ system makes micro adjustments automatically during processing to help maximise hematocrit and washout,* and minimise waste. This dynamic process is proven to recover high-quality blood, fast.

Dynamic cell salvage technology

The autoLog IQ autotransfusion system uses Dynamic Cell Salvage, a technology that’s different than other devices. Dynamic Cell Salvage combines three unique components: The Intellipath Bowl. Adaptive Two-Stage Fill. And Pulse Wash.


The autoLog IQ autotransfusion system


The autoLog IQ autotransfusion system


The autoLog IQ autotransfusion system

Intellipath Bowl

The Intellipath Bowl is engineered to help maximise hematocrit,* minimise hemolysis generated by the autoLog IQ system, and enhance efficiency of the wash process. Indentations disrupt the blood pathway to separate red blood cells from other components. One 135 mL bowl is used for most cases.

Adaptive two-stage fill

To achieve high hematocrit with less waste, the autoLog IQ system fills the bowl in two stages.

STAGE ONE: The system does an initial fill, at a fill rate of 600 mL/min. It pauses briefly to compact red blood cells.

STAGE TWO: The system adjusts the fill speed, depending on hematocrit.

  • Low hematocrit: ≥ 225 mL - fills at 250 mL/min
  • High hematocrit: < 225 mL - fills at 600 mL/min

autoLog IQ Two Stage Video Clip - (00:32)

View a video for the two stage feature of the autoLog IQ blood autotransfusion system.
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Pulse Wash

The Pulse Wash makes the wash process more efficient by adjusting the saline pulse volume, depending on the density of the cell pack.

  • The system detects cell pack characteristics and adjusts pulse length automatically.
  • Standard wash volume is 250 mL for all situations.

autoLog IQ Pulse Wash Video Clip - (00:28)

View a video for the pulse wash feature of the autoLog IQ blood autotransfusion system.
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Simple, ingenious design

The genius of the autoLog IQ system is that it makes the complex process of returning high-quality blood to patients reliable, consistent and simple.

Its compact size and ergonomic design make it easy to move, fit, and use in virtually any operating space. It demands little attention while in use, freeing operators to focus on other tasks during surgery. And with just one bowl size, the autoLog IQ system simplifies ordering and storage.


Consistently excellent results

Dynamic cell salvage is available only in the autoLog IQ system, proven to recover high-quality blood fast.

Blood Quality/Hematocrit

  • Hematocrit of washed product 59-65%
  • Heparin washout 98%
  • Fat removal 99%

Recovery Rate (Speed)

  • Standard wash: ≈3.4 min
  • Fast wash: ≈2.25 min
  • Emergency wash: ≈1.45 min

135 mL volume per cycle

Manual adjustment when needed

In the vast majority of cases you run, the autoLog IQ system provides high-quality blood for return to patients automatically. But for complex or emergency cases, you can manually adjust vacuum and wash settings instantly from a touchscreen menu.


Compared to allogeneic blood

Compared to legacy autoLog system

Medtronic data on file. 10537321DOC, 1060413DOC, 10577687DOC. Heparin washout and fat removal data is from ‘30%’ inlet hematocrit ‘standard wash’ testing.


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