Percept™ RC Rechargeable neurostimulator

Percept™ RC is a rechargeable neurostimulation system with sensing, directionality, and advanced programming capabilities for deep brain stimulation (DBS).

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Percept RC product image showcasing from the front and side view


Engineered to adapt

The Percept™ RC neurostimulator with exclusive BrainSense™ technology is the first complete rechargeable DBS system with sensing, directionality, and advanced programming capabilities. The device gathers real-time data to offer insights into the patient’s condition, inside and outside the clinic, allowing you to adapt therapy to your patients’ evolving needs over time.

Product details


Patient comfort

The smallest, thinnest, dual-channel DBS device available.


Rapid recharging

Patients can charge under normal conditions (from 10% to 90% full) in less than an hour.§

With more than 99% capacity at 15 years with weekly recharge, it is designed to offer a more consistent recharge experience over time.


Designed to adapt

BrainSense™ technology and advanced programming capabilities allow you to personalize therapy to your patients’ evolving needs over time.

The first of its kind

Percept™ RC is the first complete rechargeable DBS system with sensing, directionality, and advanced programming capabilities.

Device features

  • Form factor: The smallest, thinnest dual-channel DBS INS commercially available
  • 15-year service life: No imposed shut-off date. 15-year supplemental warranty coverage.¶ 
  • Rapid recharge: Charge under normal conditions from 10% to 90% full in less than 60 minutes for implant depths of up to 2.0 cm
  • 3T and 1.5T full-body MRI: Only Medtronic allows patients to have stimulation on in bipolar mode during an MRI under certain conditions.||
  • Designed for upgradability: Engineered to allow for future software updates designed for the Percept™ platform without a neurostimulator device exchange.

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Percept™ RC rechargeable neurostimulator with exclusive BrainSense™ technology


Connector plug


Percept™ patient programmer


Wireless recharger kit

This material is for Healthcare Professionals in countries with applicable health authority product registrations.

Important: Always refer to the Instructions For Use (IFU) packaged with the product/e-IFU for complete instructions, indications, contraindications, warnings, and precautions. 

Manufactured in Medtronic Puerto Rico (Juncos Prod. Center) Ceiba Norte Industrial Park Rd. 31 KM 24, HM4 00777 Juncos, Puerto Rico.

† The sensing feature of the Percept™ RC system is intended for use in patients receiving DBS where chronically-recorded bioelectric data may provide useful, objective information regarding patient clinical status. The majority of patients with Parkinson’s disease have an identifiable signal. Signal may not be present or measurable in patients treated for essential tremor, dystonia*, or epilepsy.

*Humanitarian device: The effectiveness of these devices for the treatment of dystonia has not been demonstrated. 

‡ As compared to Boston Scientific Vercise Genus™ R16 and Vercise Genus™ P16. MP92328632-05 REV-A. As compared to St Jude Medical Infinity™ 5/7 IPG. ARTEN600150429 - B.

§ For implant depths of up to 2 cm.

|| MR Safety Triangle Under specific conditions. Refer to product labeling for full list of conditions:

¶ Percept™ RC neurostimulators sold in the US are eligible for a 15-year supplemental limited warranty. For additional information, contact See additional warranty information.

CE mark 0123