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The InterStim™ basic evaluation system includes a reengineered lead designed with you and the patient in mind. Say yes to the test.

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Closeup of the InterStim evaluation system which includes the BE lead, an external neurostimulator, and the handheld smart programmer device.


The InterStim™ basic evaluation starts with a quick procedure. The evaluation period lasts up to 7 days. During the trial, patients track their symptoms to see if the InterStim™ system has the potential to provide symptom improvement.

Product details

How it works

The InterStim™ basic evaluation starts with a minimally invasive procedure. During this procedure, a thin wire is inserted in the patient’s upper buttock and attached to an external neurostimulator. Over the following three to seven days, the patient tracks his/her symptoms. After the evaluation, the results are reviewed, and the clinician can determine the best treatment option with the patient. If the test is inconclusive, testing can continue using the InterStim™ advanced evaluation.

Leading innovation

The reengineered InterStim™ basic evaluation lead is designed to minimize electrode movement during daily activities.* High-contrast insertion depth markers make it easy to position the needle tip accurately. Clinicians can use the same familiar procedures for placing the lead and removing it at the end of the trial.


System components


Medtronic External Neurostimulator for bladder and bowel control



Medtronic Smart Programmer device for bladder and bowel control




The InterStim lead for Sacral neuromodulation (SNM) uses mild electrical stimulation of the sacral nerve for bladder and bowel control.

External neurostimulator (ens)

A small, discreet device that is easy for patients to conceal under clothing.

  • Lightweight (less than two ounces)
  • Single on-off button
  • Water-resistant design
  • Wireless connectivity with smart programmer

Patient programmer

An intuitive programming platform that allows patients to turn therapy on/off or change it at your request.

  • Convenient, familiar touchscreen display
  • Records usage data for comparison with patient feedback
    - See amplitude settings
    - Identify the program/lead
    - Check if therapy was on/off
  • Accurate battery estimates (for programmer and ENS)
  • Up/down keys to increase/decrease stimulation
  • Virtual dial controls desired amplitude during lead placement
  • Standard and custom programs
    - Choose from 7 preset programs
    - Select how many programs patients can access
    - Create custom programs for unique patient needs
  • Wireless connectivity with ENS

Basic evaluation lead

  • Designed to minimize electrode movement during daily activites*
  • Can be placed and removed using the same familiar in-office procedure
  • High-contrast insertion depth markets make it easy to position the lead tip accurately 

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Complications can occur with the evaluation, including tissue damage, infection, and technical problems with the device. Patients should be instructed on operating the programmer and given precautions related to the evaluation.

Based on computational modeling and experimental data.

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