This will play a video. - A doctor conducting an InterStim systems procedure on a patient.

InterStim™ therapy Procedural videos

Detailed videos showcasing the Interstim™ procedure as well as “how to” set up the enhanced Verify™ system and smart programmer for the procedure.
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Procedural videos and animations

Take your online education to the next level with the following videos. Please note that detailed procedural instructions are provided in the product technical manual and must be reviewed prior to use.

InterStim™ Basic Evaluation 

InterStim™ Basic Evaluation Lead implant - (07:22)

InterStim™ Basic Evaluation Lead Removal - (02:19)

InterStim™ advanced evaluation and neurostimulator implant procedure

InterStim™ SureScan™ Advanced Evaluation and Recharge-Free Neurostimulator (InterStim™ II) Implant - (14:18)

InterStim™ SureScan™ Advanced Evaluation and Rechargeable Neurostimulator (InterStim™ Micro) Implant - (14:24)

InterStim™ SureScan™ MRI Lead Removal - (04:15)

InterStim™ full implant procedure

InterStim™ SureScan™ Recharge-Free Neurostimulator (InterStim™ II) Full Implant - (09:15)

InterStim™ SureScan™ Rechargeable Neurostimulator (InterStim™ Micro) Implant - (09:24)

Mechanism of action

Explore what the research indicates about the mechanism of action for sacral neuromodulation using our InterStim™ systems.

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MRI  eligibility

Get the details on specific MRI compatibility for neuromodulation therapies.

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InterStimTM evaluation

Reengineered lead designed with you and the patient in mind. Understand the two testing options available so more patients can say yes to the test.

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See the device manual for detailed information regarding the instructions for use, indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions, and potential adverse events. If using an MRI SureScan® device, see the MRI SureScan® technical manual before performing an MRI. For further information, contact your local Medtronic representative and/or consult the Medtronic website at website 

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