Contact the Audit Committee or Board of Directors

Interested parties may choose one of the below-listed options to report complaints about Medtronic's accounting, internal accounting controls, auditing matters, or other concerns to the Board of Directors or the Audit Committee.

Call the Audit Committee

Write to the Medtronic Board or Audit Committee
710 Medtronic Parkway
Minneapolis, MN

Email the Independent Directors on the Medtronic Board

  • All complaints and concerns will be received and processed by Medtronic's Compliance Office.
  • Complaints relating to Medtronic's accounting, internal accounting controls or auditing will be referred to members of the Audit Committee.
  • Other concerns may be referred to the Lead Director of the Medtronic Board at
  • When possible, we will acknowledge receipt of your written complaint or concern.
  • You can report your complaint or concern anonymously or confidentially.