Medtronic Environmental Health and Safety

Environmental Management

Medtronic is committed to doing business in an environmentally responsible manner and will strive to improve its performance to benefit its employees, customers, communities, shareholders, and the environment. All employees are responsible for making sure that Medtronic's business is conducted in compliance with all applicable laws and in a way that is protective of the environment.

Safety and Health

Medtronic is committed to a safe, healthy work environment that is in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. All employees are expected to develop a pro-active, cooperative attitude toward issues of health and safety throughout the Company.

Medtronic's EHS Management System

Medtronic is committed to an environmental, health and safety management system that is focused on continually improving its impact on the environment and human health, preventing pollution, and ensuring compliance with relevant environmental legislation and regulations. Three major management requirements form the foundation of our system — these include: (1) planning, (2) operation, and (3) improvement and review.

The EHS Management System supports Medtronic’s EHS Policy by providing the structure to assess EHS impacts and risks in our organization by:

  • Providing a systematic method for managing EHS and improving performance
  • Providing the structure to address the impacts of the company’s products, services, and processes on the environment
  • Allocating resources, establishing responsibilities, and an ongoing evaluation of practices, procedures and processes
  • Focusing on continual improvement of the system

Recycling Used Electronic Equipment