Introducing Percept™RC neurostimulator

The same advanced technology that distinguished Percept™ PC neurostimulator is now available in a rechargeable version specifically designed to be small, smart and adaptive. 

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Percept RC product image showcasing from the front and side view



The Percept™ neurostimulators are designed to have a low profile under your skin for your comfort and for minimal visibility of the implanted device.


Rapid recharging

  • Charge your device under normal conditions (from 10% to 90% full)
    in less than an hour.a,1-3
  • Medtronic patented Overdrive™ battery technology provides a consistent, fast recharge experience from day 1 to year 15. 10-14,e


Ready for future advancements

You won’t need to replace your Percept™ neurostimulator to upgrade your therapy when software advancements become available.

Broad Indication Coverage 

  • Parkinson's disease 
  • Essential tremor
  • Epilepsy
  • Dystonia
Closeup of the Percept PC neurostimulator for deep brain stimulation.

Percept™PC neurostimulator

Designed for people who are looking for all the benefits of the Percept™ family without the need to periodically recharge their neurostimulator.

Watch John's DBS story


John, from the UK, is living well with Medtronic deep brain stimulation therapy for Parkinson's disease.

He explains that DBS helped with his movement and how that makes him feel much more confident.

Experience unseen comfort.

Enhanced MRI access
with DBS therapy able to remain on during an MRIb

One out of ten

7 out of 10
DBS-eligible patients with movement disorders may need an MRI within 10 years of receiving their device.7

Only offered by Medtronic4-6

Unlike other DBS systemsc, the Percept™ neurostimulators are compatible with 3T and 1.5T MRI scans for when you need high-quality imaging.

For your comfort, Medtronic DBS therapy can also remain on while you’re getting an MRI (under certain conditions).b

The Percept™ family
provides options to meet your needs

Percept RC PC CP PP

Ask your doctor for Medtronic DBS — the only system powered by BrainSense™ technology that enables clinicians to personalise and adapt therapy to your individual needs.



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Information contained herein is not medical advice and should not be used as an alternative to speaking with your doctor. Discuss indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions, adverse events and any further information with your health care professional. Medtronic does not assume any liability for completeness and correction of the information contained herein. Please refer to the information of use for further information on the use and handling of the product, risks and benefits.

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