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The Percept family provides options to meet your needs

Your doctor will program your Medtronic DBS system to best control your current symptoms. You will:

  • Gain more flexibility in your therapy with the ability to switch between predefined settings established by your clinician.
  • Gain some control over your DBS therapy. The patient programmer provides you with multiple control options — simple and advanced mode — so you can be involved in your therapy.


Brainsense™Technology captures brain signal data direct from your implanted leads.* Your physician can access this data and adjust your settings - personalising your therapy for the best possible outcome.**


Percept™ PC neurostimulator is the first and only device to have full-body MR Conditionalaccess anywhere on the body for both 1.5T and 3T MRI scans.





Percept RC neurostimulator

Designed for

People who are looking for all the benefits of the Percept™ family with a long-lasting battery, and don't mind periodically recharging their neurostimulator.


Features the smallest and thinnest rechargeable neurostimulator available.§

30% smaller than competitive products§ and 37% smaller than Activa™ RC neurostimulator.2,3

Percept Recharging time

Battery life

Count on at least 15 years of service life with consistent stimulation and fast recharge performance.4 Medtronic patented battery technology has less battery fade than other rechargeable devices for a more reliable, long-lasting battery.Ω


Experience rapid recharging from 10% to 90% full charge in less than 1 hour.†† Up to 12 days of battery  between charging sessions.‡‡

Greater than 99% capacity at 15 years with weekly recharge.5



Designed for

People who are looking for all the benefits of the Percept™ family without the need to periodically recharge their neurostimulator.


Features a thinner, curved design.

Battery life

Experience a low maintenance battery with an expected 5 years of service lifewithout ever having to recharge.


With the PC option, the neurostimulator does not require recharging.


PerceptTM PC device features - (02:14)

See the features of our new neurostimulator including BrainsenseTM technology
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  • Activa SC is used with one lead (thin wire) to deliver stimulation to one side of the brain. Two stimulators are used to stimulate areas on both sides of the brain
  • The battery does not need to be recharged
  • The device lasts more than 3 years on average, depending on the programmed settings6
  • The neurostimulator is typically implanted near the collarbone.


Medtronic offers the only DBS neurostimulators approved for MRI full body under specific conditions of use.7


The device shown is not actual size.

Height 2.1" (54 mm)
Width 2.1" (54 mm)
Depth 0.4" (11 mm)


DBS patient Programmer

PerceptTM PC and RC Patient Programmer

You will have a device, similar to a remote control, that allows you to turn the DBS system on and off and to check the battery. You may also be able to adjust the stimulation within the options programmed by your doctor. You can check how much battery life is left on your device at any time so you and your doctor will know when to schedule an appointment to replace your neurostimulator.

The battery information is available on the easy-to-use patient programmer as well as on your clinician's programmer.


The neurostimulator stores important data about itself and the programmed settings that have worked for you in the past. This means you don't need to carry such records if you travel or switch clinics. A doctor can access the information in your neurostimulator with a clinician programmer.


Your safety is our foremost priority. Our latest generation of devices are built with the highest safety standards and your best treatment in mind.

While some DBS devices have reed switches that can make the device more susceptible to interference from everyday electromagnetic interference, Medtronic Activa™devices do not, meaning you can walk through shop theft detectors and airport security gates with peace of mind that they won’t turn your device off unintentionally.



Medtronic DBS systems are MR Conditional, which means they are safe for MRI scans only under certain conditions. If the conditions are not met, the MRI could cause tissue heating, especially at the implanted lead(s) into the brain, which may result in serious and permanent injury or death. Before having an MRI, always talk with the doctor who manages your DBS therapy to determine your eligibility and discuss potential benefits and risks of MRI. For further information, please call Medtronic at +44 (0) 1923 205101.


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For a listing of indications, contraindications, precautions, MRI compatibility of specific Activa™ devices, MRI conditional labelling, warnings and potential adverse events, please refer to the instructions for use.


Signal may not be present or measurable in all patients.

**Clinical benefits of brain sensing have not been established.

§Percept™ RC is over 30% smaller than the Boston Scientific Vercise Genus™* R16. As compared to Boston Scientific Vercise Genus™* R16 and Vercise Genus™* P16. MP92328632-05 REV-A. As compared to St Jude Medical Infinity™* 5/7 IPG. ARTEN600150429 - B.

Ω The Boston Scientific Vercise Genus™* R16 has a variable 5–15 years of service life, depending on the stimulation settings and conditions (Vercise™* Deep Brain Stimulation Systems Information for Prescribers MP92366224-01 Rev G, accessed August 22, 2023)

†† For implant depths of up to 2 cm under normal conditions.

‡‡ 50th percentile usage will typically have 12 days between required recharges and 80th percentile usage is expected to have 9 days between required recharges (100% to 0%) with sensing OFF.

§§With sensing ON at 80th percentile therapy settings for implant depth of 1 cm.

†Percept™ PC is 20% smaller in overall device volume as compared to Activa™ PC and 20% thinner in case thickness as compared to Activa™ PC.

‡ For median energy use in DBS for PD patients, with moderate (up to 2 months per year) BrainSense™ technology usage.

The device that appears in this graphic is a representation of a Medtronic device. The graphic does not include certain identifying information that may appear on Medtronic devices, such as model number or serial number.


CE Mark

Information contained herein does not replace the recommendations of your healthcare professional. See the device manual for detailed information regarding the instructions for use, indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions, and potential adverse events. For further information, contact your Health Care Professional.