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A Simple Solution for
Collecting Oesophageal Cells

What is Cytosponge™?

The Cytosponge™ cell collection device is a minimally invasive1 way to perform a preliminary oesophageal cell collection in an office. Samples can be used for cytological and histological review to assess patients suspected of oesophageal pathologies.1

For many patients, analysis of oesophageal cell samples can be an important step towards getting the right diagnosis and care.

Simple, Convenient, Fast

Clinical data shows the device:

  • Can be administered without the use of sedation1
  • Yields adequate samples for cytological and histological assessment1
  • Is well tolerated by patients1
  • Can be performed in under 10 minutes2

Physician Resources

Clinical Summary
The objective of this study was to determine whether offering the Cytosponge-trefoil factor 3 (TFF3) test to patients on medication for gastro-oesophageal reflux would increase detection of Barrett’s oesophagus, compared to usual care.

Cytosponge™ Q&A
Find answers to common questions about the Cytosponge™ cell collection device.

Product Information Sheet
Read a one-sheet summary about the key features of the Cytosponge™ cell collection device.

Cytosponge™ IFU
Find Cytosponge™ cell collection device IFU information.

Procedure Checklist

This document is intended to provide detailed guidance for the clinical staff to use when planning for a Cytosponge™ cell collection procedure, preparing the equipment, and setting procedure expectations with the patient.

Cytosponge™ for Patients

Find information about how CytospongeTM works and what to expect during a procedure.

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Assessment of a minimally invasive oesophageal cytology collection system (CE marked) in patients with Barrett’s oesophagus (specimen adequacy, biomarker sensitivity for BO, and safety), Clinical Study Report - CASE I: COVB2700466-CSR, May 2015 (Data on file)


Kadri Sudarshan R, Lao-Sirieix Pierre, O’Donovan Maria, Debiram Irene, Das Madhumita, Blazeby Jane M et al. Acceptability and accuracy of a non-endoscopic screening test for Barrett’s oesophagus in primary care: cohort study BMJ 2010; 341 :c4372


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