How it Works

Your healthcare professional can identify potentially significant health concerns related to your oesophagus right in the office. The Cytosponge™ cell collection device collects cells from the surface of the oesophagus with one simple procedure.

This innovative solution uses a small capsule-shaped device the size of a multivitamin. A thin string is connected to a sponge inside the capsule. When you swallow it, after approximately 7 and 1/2 minutes the capsule dissolves and the sponge expands in your stomach. The string is then gently pulled to remove the sponge. As it’s removed, the sponge collects cells from the entire length of your oesophagus.

What to Expect During the Procedure

  • You must not have eaten for four hours prior to procedure.
  • You swallow the capsule. You will be given water to drink.
  • A timer is set for 7 and 1/2 minutes. This period of time allows the capsule to dissolve in the stomach and the sponge to expand.
  • Your health care professional will gently and continuously pull the string until the sponge is extracted.
  • Once the sponge has been removed it will be placed in a collection container, packaged and sent to a pathologist for analysis.
Cytosponge patient procedure infographic

Cytosponge™ Portal for Healthcare Professionals

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Closeup of the Cytosponge cell collection device.