Day Case Surgery solution: 

The challenge: surgical waitlists are long and getting longer

Nearly 6 million UK patients are on surgical waiting lists as of October 2021. This is the highest number since NHS began keeping records in 2007 and it is expected to increase substantially due to continued disruptions caused by COVID-19.


A blue circle drawn with dots and inside it says: 6 million patients await care in the UK.
A blue circle drawn with dots and inside it says: average waiting time for a procedure is 18+ weeks

Wait times are also expanding

More than a third of patients needing an elective procedure are waiting 18 weeks or longer from their referral. By contrast, 92% should have been treated already by this time, according to NHS standards.

Delays can be costly 

Delayed and unequal access to timely treatment can lead to deterioration of the patient’s condition. It can also have a negative psychological and social impact, possibly requiring more intensive and expensive care with poorer outcomes.


A blue circle drawn with dots and inside it says: delayed and unequal access to treatment equals poorer outcomes.

What’s the solution?

Day case surgery - Our solution to reduce waiting lists and increase bed capacity.

One way hospitals can address these issues is by moving more elective procedures to day cases, as opposed to using an inpatient pathway. The day case approach has been shown to provide equivalent or better quality and safety of care along with these benefits:

  • Increased bed capacity
  • Reduced costs
  • Ability to reserve resources for more complex and/or emergency inpatient cases
  • Fewer cancellations
  • Reduced risk of infection due to less time in hospital
  • Less potential for symptom deterioration due to shorter waiting period
  • More equal access to care





Moving to day case surgery is complex, but we can help you get there faster.



The Day Case Surgery solution

Transitioning from inpatient to day case is challenging as implementation could require the redesign of models of care involving new processes and protocols. This could be especially difficult in the midst of COVID-19.

Our solution helps hospitals accelerate the implementation of day-case surgery in a programmed approach that includes the three elements below.

Watch the video to find out how Medtronic's Day Case Surgery solution can help hospitals reduce waiting lists.
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Pathways and protocols:

Includes generic and therapy-specific day case pathways and perioperative protocols developed with (and endorsed by) the International Association for Ambulatory Surgery (IAAS).


Digital/IT enablement:

Uses our Get Ready® solution to operationalize protocols and embed them in daily practices, as well as enable more effective pre-operative preparation, post-operative discharge, remote monitoring, and outcome data collection.


Change management support:

Supports clinical teams in converting from inpatient activity to day case and to drive operating theatre efficiency improvement where needed.




Multiple pathways. One solution.

Our standardised pathways are available across a range of specialties, including:

  • General surgery (laparoscopic cholecystectomy, hernia)
  • Gynaecology
  • Urology
  • Orthopaedics
  • ENT
  • Cardiology



Results: Our Day Case Surgery solution helped these hospitals reduce waitlists and improve capacity

A medical professional explaining information to a mature male patient.

St. Antonius Hospital, the Netherlands:

Freed up 10 clinical ward beds.

Rigshospitalet main building.

Rigshospitalet, Denmark: 

Freed up five clinical ward beds with an average of €500 cost-savings per case.

Female doctor using tablet at the door in the office.

Hospital in the UK:

Reduced cancellations by 94%.


HCP Professional looking at a modern medical equipment monitor during operation.

Hospital in the Netherlands:

Enabled the handling of two additional cases per day.




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