Medical technology concept.
Care Pathway Transformation and Digital Health: The Time is Now. Noël, F, Otto, M, et al. Global Business Media (2023)

Read our special report in collaboration with key opinion leaders across Europe on how care delivery has transformed through digital health solutions and how providers can utilize innovative solutions quickly and efficiently.

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Quality and process improvement of the multidisciplinary Heart Team meeting using Lean Six Sigma - Hoefsmit PC, Schretlen S, et al., BMJ Open Quality (2023)

Learn how the application of Lean Six Sigma resulted in an optimised Heart Team and created a best practice design for patient-centred, evidence-based decision-making.

A group of 5 doctors sitting in a break room in a circle having a conversation.
Accelerating the pace of value-based transformation for more resilient and sustainable healthcare - Frédéric Noël - The Royal College of Physicians Future Healthcare Journal (2022)

Learn how COVID-19 forced the adoption of Value-Based Healthcare (VBHC) principles and how providers must capitalize on this momentum to implement value improvement quickly and efficiently.

Two surgeons sitting down and talking.
The Moment of Truth for Healthcare Spending: How Payment Models can Transform Healthcare Systems – Insight Report – The World Economic Forum (2023 Jan)

This global initiative showcases the impact of payment models on healthcare transformation and discusses the urgency around healthcare spending reform and how to quickly achieve transformation for improved patient outcomes.

A female doctor sitting at a desk smiling
Development and implementation of a cardiac resynchronization therapy care pathway: improved process and reduced resource use - van Stipdonk AMW, Schretlen S, et al., BMJ Open Quality (2021)

Discover how the introduction of a novel CRT-CPW resulted in a successful transition of physician-led to nurse-led care, with significantly reduced resource use and equivalent clinical outcomes.

A close up image of three surgeons operating.
Reducing surgical cancellations: a successful application of Lean Six Sigma in healthcare - Schretlen S, et al., BMJ Open Quality (2021)

This study shows that LSS is an effective quality improvement approach to help healthcare organisations deliver more safe, timely, effective, efficient, equitable and patient-centric care.

Female doctor using tablet at the door in the office.
‘Get Ready®’ for the digitisation of the bariatric patient pathway - Medtronic’s European Surgical Innovations Vice President Markus Lang and Integrated Health Solutions (IHS) Vice President Frédéric Noël - Bariatric News (2022)

How digitisation is enabling Bariatric Care Teams to remotely prepare their patients for surgery and assist them through their weight loss journey in the short and long term.



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