OsteoCool Radiofrequency Ablation System


For painful bone tumours

The OsteoCoolTM RF Ablation System is cooled radiofrequency (RF) ablation technology. It offers simultaneous, dual-probe capabilities for treating painful bone tumours.

About the therapy



  • Palliative treatment in spinal procedures by ablation of metastatic malignant lesions in a vertebral body.
  • Coagulation and ablation of tissue in bone during surgical procedures including palliation of pain associated with metastatic lesions involving bone in patients who have failed or are not candidates for standard therapy.
  • Ablation of benign bone tumours such as osteoid osteoma.


Watch a periacetabular ablation procedure with discussion by Dr. Julien Garnon.


Image from breast cancer case study with Dr. Levy.

Image courtesy of Dr. Jason Levy

The OsteoCool RF Ablation system is cooled radiofrequency (RF) ablation technology. It offers simultaneous, dual-probe capabilities for treating painful bone tumours.

Coaxial, bipolar technology delivers RF energy to the site, and automatically moderates power to keep RF heating within the desired treatment range. This reduces risk of potential thermal damage to adjacent tissue.1

The active tip of the ablation probe is internally cooled with circulating water. RF energy heats the tissue while circulating water moderates the temperature close to the active tip. This combination:

  • Creates large volume lesions without excessive heating at the active tip
  • Minimises potential for char

The OsteoCool RF ablation probes are sterile and intended for single use.



OsteoCool can be utilized using one probe or two probes.

You’ll find flexibility with a wide range of ablation scenarios for your patient and procedural needs:

  • Metastatic and benign bone tumour ablation
  • Simultaneous ablation of adjacent or multiple levels in the spine
  • Simultaneous ablation using two probes, such as bipedicular spine tumour ablation
  • Ablation using one probe
  • Multiple active tip sizes and introducer gauge options
  • Custom ablation zones
  • Track ablation


  • As a consequence of electrosurgery, damage to surrounding tissue through iatrogenic injury could result
  • Pulmonary embolism
  • Nerve injury including thermal injury, puncture of spinal cord or nerve roots potentially results in radiculopathy, paresis, and paralysis

The OsteoCoolTM RF Ablation bone access kits are indicated for percutaneous access to bone.


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