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Cervical Herniated Discs

Stacey's Story

"Since my artificial disc replacement surgery, I have competed in various events including Ironman™ Switzerland. As for what's next… who knows?" says Stacey.


Rob's Story

"Am I glad I had spine surgery? Absolutely. It's given me back my life, and allowed me to hit the ground running again. It's like the neck pain was never there," Rob says.


Jerilyn's Story

Within a few months after surgery, Jerilyn says, life was good again. "By the time of my last follow-up, I had no limits, as far as the surgical site or the Prestige® Disc were concerned. I was able to do anything I wanted, and without any pain. To me, that was wonderful!"


Nick's Story

“I had my surgery on Christmas Eve last year,” says Nick, “and was back on the mountain February 20 on my snowboard. One year later, I feel amazing, I really do: I feel blessed.”


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