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CareLink Remote Monitoring Network

Bradycardia (Slow Heart Rate)

Clinics and patients across the country rely on the Medtronic CareLink® Network for improved care, convenience, and peace of mind.

Convenience and better care

The Medtronic CareLink Network ensures timely identification of clinically important issues, such as asymptomatic atrial fibrillation or device integrity issues.1 Patients express reassurance knowing their clinicians have critical information for managing their cardiac disease and appreciate the ability to send device information from home and away. Clinicians can review device data when and where they choose on the Medtronic CareLink Clinician Website.

Complete Follow-up

The Medtronic CareLink Network provides comprehensive data comparable to an in-office device check, including:

  • Full parameter summary
  • Percent pacing
  • Real-time and magnet EGM
  • Battery voltage and longevity
  • A-V conduction histograms
  • Arrhythmia summary with Mode Switch duration
  • Lead impedance and trends

Hassle-Free Scheduling and Transmissions

The Medtronic CareLink Network is fast and easy to use. Nearly 100% of patients surveyed say they find Medtronic CareLink Monitor easy to use.2 Clinicians and patients enjoy scheduling flexibility, allowing patients to transmit data within a time range rather than at a set time. Clinic staff need not be present during transmissions.

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Patient Manuals

icon-pdfPatient Manual for CareLink® Monitor 24950




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Medtronic CareLink Network: Clinic Satisfaction Survey, August 2004.

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