Miniaturization and Imaging Revolutionary Medical Technologies

Tiny devices — from pacemakers to cameras — offer huge benefits.

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Learn how imaging and miniaturization are game-changing medical technologies.


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Medtronic is giving doctors smaller and smarter tools to diagnose and treat diseases that once required costly, invasive surgeries.

Two complementary medical technologies — device miniaturization and imaging — are helping revolutionize the practice of medicine by giving patients access to lower cost, less invasive options that allow them to lead better lives. 

These devices support the company’s efforts to create better outcomes for patients, doctors, and health systems. Some of the game-changing devices that leverage these technologies include:

Providing surgeons with tools that can help identify and address a problem sooner means that we can help patients recover faster, and, hopefully, beat their disease.

Dr. John de Csepel, chief medical officer for the Minimally Invasive Therapies Group at Medtronic.



The world’s smallest and first leadless pacemaker 

Reveal LINQ™

Reveal LINQ™

An insertable, cardiac monitor, approximately one-third the size of a AAA battery 

PillCam™ System

PillCam™ System

A camera inside a device the size of a pill that can be ingested and used to capture photos inside the small bowel and colon 


PillCam™ System

A navigation system using a CT scan combined with fluoroscopic images to build a 3D map for Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopy procedures