Grow your career here

Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable is a sure sign that you are challenging yourself with projects, connections, and education to grow your career and enable personal success.

Learning and taking on new work grows your expertise and helps you navigate your career.

This is how we support your journey:


We are a fast-paced industry; change is part of the way we work every day. We provide development through the day-to-day projects, assignments, and culture that expand your professional knowledge — and keep you up to date on ever-changing technology, systems, and processes. We encourage stretch assignments, job shadowing, informational interviewing, and networking so you can discover the many roles and paths within Medtronic.

  • Our Experience Café offers short-term stretch assignments where you learn by doing. Choose among global projects that need temporary help. It's an opportunity to try new things, expand your knowledge, and satisfy your career appetite.
  • The partnership between you and your manager is key to career growth and development and helps you maximize performance along your journey — identifying learning opportunities, creating an actionable development plan, and paving the way to your future success.
  • We honor our commitment to improving healthcare access in the communities struggling most to meet the demand. In a selective program, Medtronic employees from different regions and disciplines — working together for the first time — help local healthcare leaders find sustainable and scalable solutions for their communities. Learn more about Global Innovation Fellows.


Collaboration, inclusion, respect, and innovation are all part of a day here.

Our Mentoring program for all employees matches you with an advisor who can help you navigate your career — and you can be a mentor as well.

Employee Resource Groups build solid relationships across the businesses and connect you with career knowledge you can’t get anywhere else. You can connect with people across the company, join and lead teams, and attend career development events.

Medtronic Employees Having an Informal Meeting Outside for Career Development


Becoming more accomplished in your field is satisfying and rewarding. Expand your knowledge, skills, and influence by learning via world-recognized learning and development resources. For example:

  • A highly engaging Business Acumen course helps you learn financial metrics, decision-making, Medtronic business strategy and performance, and how you contribute to Medtronic’s financial success.
  • Creating and managing your Personal Brand is an important part of your career development journey. It is about showing the world your best self. We offer a course to help you create and further your personal brand.
  • We offer world-class leadership topics through Harvard ManageMentor, business book summaries with TED Talks on getAbstract, thousands of eLearning courses to choose from, and opportunities to attend live or virtual training sessions.
  • Our global Knowledge Center supports technical communities and provides access to technical publications and frequent internal engineering seminars.


Tuition assistance helps you earn an advanced degree or just keep up with the latest in your field.

Today’s fast-paced healthcare environment requires leaders to be talent-focused, inclusive, and agile. People leadership is a journey, and it takes time to become a great manager. Our award-winning development reduces the time for Medtronic people leaders to evolve into great leaders, mentors and coaches.

Two lab technicians look at HP computer to determine next steps

The EDGE program defines what it means to be a great people leader within the 10 most critical leadership moments.

  • You are immersed in management simulations, online learning with key assignments, and classroom discussions that enhance core your leadership skills.

We offer nomination-based leadership development programs to accelerate your path and readiness to move to higher levels of leadership. ELEVATE and IGNITE include regional and global cohorts that participate in leadership development, coaching, and experience-based challenges that promote knowledge and skills application. We are committed to developing the readiness of our future leaders while we strengthen our leadership pipeline across the organization.


When preparing to talk to a hiring manager, here are suggested questions that can help you assess the potential of the job.

  • Can you share a recent professional development opportunity you supported, or your team recently participated in?
  • What development opportunities are available with this role?
  • How much have you benefited from career development opportunities and programs at Medtronic?