Leo - Director International Clinical Operations


Director International Clinical Operations
International Clinical Operations
Maastricht, Netherlands

Describe a typical day in your position.

A typical day starts with a quick walk on the floor, talking to my assistant, managers and other employees that I meet. Unfortunately, this is not always possible due to early-starting meetings, which are often followed by more meetings. I spend a lot of time talking with our internal customers, the clinical groups in International, and other colleagues from around the globe. Such a large international function obviously incorporates significant time spent travelling, up to 50% or more during busy periods. The day often ends with conference calls with the US.

Why do you enjoy working at Medtronic?

It is great to work for a company that is not only driven by a very strong Mission, but in which you meet people day to day who share that passion for our Mission. This is also consistently shown in different internal and external surveys; people know the Mission and value working for a company like Medtronic. Next to that, the drive for unsurpassed quality in what we do, how we do it and what we deliver to our patients and physicians, is highly motivating to me.

What is challenging about your job?

Medtronic deployed the Medtronic Clinical Research Institute (MCRI) several years ago now, joining all clinical functions through a virtual connection, to build the largest clinical institute of our industry. As a first materialization, the Clinical Operations employees joined forces and I was asked to set up the International Clinical Operations group, starting in EMEA. It turned out to be a fantastic opportunity for implementing new structures, standardized processes, a new business model and cross business unit work styles. It is rewarding to be able to support the change, and see this initiative developing over time.

What do you appreciate most about Medtronic?

Next to being Mission driven, Medtronic offers plenty of opportunities for people to grow and develop. Being with Medtronic for over 16 years, I’ve been able to work in a great variety of departments and functions, allowing me to develop towards my current role. It is an international company with diverse business units, where people who are willing and able can move across functions and borders to develop themselves and reach their potential.

What do you love about your current location?

The Medtronic Bakken Research Center has been open over 25 years in Maastricht, Netherlands. It is a beautiful environment, in the heart of Western Europe, close to Germany, France and Belgium. This location, in combination with a university setting, attracts a variety of international talent, coming from more than 30 countries working at our offices in Maastricht.

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