Frequently Asked Questions Grants and Donations

How will I know Medtronic received my application?

Once you have submitted an application through Medtronic Giving Connection, you will receive an automatic acknowledgement sent to the email address registered to your account. You may also return to Medtronic Giving Connection to view the status of the application at any time.

Can I save my application as a draft and complete it at a later time?

Yes. Medtronic Giving Connection will allow you to save an application as a draft to return to later.

Why will my application take up to 60 days to process?

The review process may take less than 60 days for certain types of applications. The review process begins once all required supporting documentation is received. Each application requires careful review to ensure compliance with the U.S. Business Conduct Standards and the AdvaMed Code of Ethics.

Why are not all Medtronic businesses accepting some application types?

Some Medtronic businesses do not currently accept some types of applications or the applications are managed by another group within Medtronic. Additionally, some types of grants are only awarded at specific times within the year. If you have questions abount accepted applications for a specific business, please contact that business for more information.

What constitutes a complete application?

Each application requires specific information. Additionally, certain Medtronic businesses require additional information that others may not. An application is considered complete when all the documentation has been received. A Medtronic Grant Administrator will notify you if additional information is required in order to process your application.

Our 501(c) (3) status is presently pending.  Will our organization still qualify for a grant?

No. Pending status will disqualify your application.  Please submit your application once status has been determined.

The application for events requires us to attach our agenda/program, but it hasn't been printed and a commitment on funding is necessary before we finalize the program. Can we send a copy of last year’s agenda or program as an example?  Can we send a draft of the program?

If the event is going to be very similar to last year’s event, a copy of the prior year’s program, agenda and/or brochure can be submitted as a guideline. However, complete details on this year’s program (including specific topics) are required before a decision will be made.