Charitable Donations Registry – Archive Library Grants and Donations


Medtronic promotes public transparency, including around donations made to U.S. healthcare professionals (HCPs) and organizations (HCOs). In the spirit of that transparency, starting in 2008, we began to voluntarily publish an annual donations registry, which disclosed donations made by Medtronic’s U.S. operations to U.S. charitable organizations. The most recently published donations registries are listed below. We now incorporate these disclosures into the U.S. Sunshine Act reporting. For more information regarding disclosures of payments or transfers of value provided to U.S. HCPs and HCOs subject to the U.S. Sunshine Act, including applicable grants and donations, please visit our U.S. Sunshine Act web page.

The donations registries listed below include donations that are separate from those funded by Medtronic Foundation, which makes contributions to nonprofit organizations worldwide focused on health access. For more information on Medtronic Foundation and its grants, please visit our Medtronic Foundation web page.


Donations Registry Archive (CY2015-CY2020):